Nastase, Serena, and a new baby!


She and her future husband are expecting their first child. There is talk of retirement in her future in order to take care of her family. While most of the world is excited for this new adventure, there are some who choose to bring negativity to Serena’s life in lieu of her pregnancy.

Ilie Nastase made racist comments about Williams’ unborn baby including asking, “Let’s see what colour it has. Chocolate with milk?” This comment was an attack on her baby and the fact that Serena’s fiancé is not black. Nastase was also accused of sexual harassment infused comments toward Serena’s fellow women teammates.

Nastase is is a Romanian former world number one professional tennis player. He was one of the world’s top players of the 1970s. He was ranked world number one from August 23, 1973 to June 2, 1974. But even his outstanding tennis record can’t keep him away from the backlash he’s receiving from making racist and sexist comments about women. He isn’t being invited to the Royal Box at Wimbledon this year after his comments made at last month’s Fed Cup tie against Great Britain. He verbally abused a player from an opposing team and was kicked out of the game.

I for one am glad that Nastase is being treated the way anyone should be treated when after verbally abusing players and making inappropriate comments towards women. I’m glad his high ranking status isn’t keeping him away from appropriate punishment. Congratulations to Serena on her baby and not letting her encounter with this man ruin her news!



Author: sincerelyimani

I'm a sophomore college student at the University of Southern Mississippi, and I love to write. This blog site will sort of be an open letter to my life, so be prepared!

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