Serena Williams

The Williams sisters competed against each other in the 2017 Australian Open final this past week. Serena Williams was frustrated in the beginning of the game and could not get into her usual groove. She eventually got into the swing of things and managed to get ahead of her sister, who hasn’t made it past the semi-finals since 2009. Serena was ultimately the winner and will probably be the favorite to win a 24th Grand Slam this May.

We know that Venus is certainly doing big things with her businesses, but its refreshing to know that Serena is still capturing the attention of the world with her athletic abilities. Although Serena is an international tennis shero and an inspiration for young, black tennis players, she’s been in the limelight in the past few years more so because of women and men body shaming her. They say “she looks like man”, her body isn’t “womanly”, and “tennis players should be lean”. The thing is: I’m sure her strong calves, heavy thighs, buff arms, and sculpted abs aid in her amazing tennis skills.

Serena certainly doesn’t fit the bill when put up against European beauty standards, BUT those are stupid and can’t determine what beautiful is anyway. Despite the sting of other people’s words, she rolled with the punches and held on to her curvy shape. I am so glad she didn’t pay attention to the negative thoughts of others, because sports would be nothing without her black girl magic invading the world of tennis. Good job girl!

“I’ve had people look down on me, put me down because I didn’t look like them — I look stronger.” – Serena Williams

Brionna Jones

Standing at 6’3, Brionna Jones, is leading her team (the Maryland Terrapins) which is ranked third in women’s collegiate basketball. During a game on January 11th, 2017, she reached 1,000 career boards, tied the Maryland scoring record, and got her seventh straight double-double (the accumulation of a double-digit number total in two of the five categories in a game. The most common double-double combination is points-rebounds, followed by points-assists).

As a junior, Brionna was picked as the Associated Press and WBCA Honorable Mention All-American, she led the nation in field goal percentage (66.5 percent), she was named to the Preseason All-Big Ten Team, she was in the Wooden Award Preseason Top 30, and Jones leads her team in rebounds and scoring. She has made her mark in high school athletics and definitely college basketball. Jones is absolutely  a top player when it comes to the WNBA senior picks. Shout out to her for leaving a legacy as an amazing African-American women’s basketball player.

Venus Williams: Tennis Star and Business Woman

Venus Williams, a tennis superstar and sister to Serena Williams, is finally fulfilling her long-term dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Although Venus is STILL climbing to new heights in the tennis world, I think its important for people to understand that black women and black women athletes alike can do more than play a game.

Venus has dealt with a few bankrupt retailers, a manufacturing partnership gone wrong, and a few beginners’ mistakes that hurt her endeavors in the start of her retail career. Her journey with fashion and design has had its ups and downs, but she is currently soaring to the top in her businesses.

Venus created EleVen by Venus, a company that makes women’s tennis outfits, yoga clothes, fitness wear for running, dance, and they even make casual gear known as athleisure wear. She also founded and is the CEO of V-Starr Interiors, which is a design firm with clients ranging from fancy houses to tennis clubs athletic centers to hotels.

She is a full-time entrepreneur while maintaining a full schedule on the Women’s Tennis Association Tour.  She is 36 years old and is still thriving in a sport in which athletes peak in their 20’s. She is currently ranked number 17. Venus usually wears and presents her designs during her personal matches before they are debuted in her retail stores. She is doing well for herself and has nowhere to go but UP from here.

Imani, Sports, or the lack there of.

This is the post excerpt.

Here’s the thing:

My name is Imani Harris. I’m a sophomore Public Relations major with a minor in Black Studies. I love singing, eating, reading, and pretending to be a fitness enthusiast. I’m super involved on my college campus just as I was in high school BUT…

The catch is: I have NEVER played a sport in my life. PE was never my favorite thing (I preferred music and art), and although athleticism is in my genes, I had no desire to play on any sports team….ever. I was apart of show choir for seven years, which is the closest thing to athletic that I have ever been in my life. So when given the task of creating a blog site specifically centered around sports, I was anxious and unprepared to say the least.

After a few days of contemplating and brainstorming, I realized that I could use my love for women, being a woman, and being a black woman specifically to my advantage wth this blog. With that being said, my posts will be centered around black women in the sports field. That could range from the wives of male athletics to black. female olympic gold medalists. It is my hope to write blogs that will spark more interest in women’s sports and support black women athletes. Representation truly matters, so I hope my readers will get insight and inspiration from my posts. Let’s see how this goes!