Sydney Ruzicka

“I think above all, girls sports are perceived less as a sport, easier than guy sports, and are expected to be played at a less intense level.”

As a tribute to a few amazing women I met during my sophomore year of college, I’d like to end my blog by blogging about them. First up: Sydney Ruzicka.

Sydney is a freshman, public health administration major from Kiln, MS where she attended Hancock High School. She played basketball for the Hancock Lady Hawks for three years. Ruzicka started playing basketball in first grade. She said that when she started playing sports, she was in the 6-7 age group and it was coed.

“Gender really didn’t matter at this age, we were all uncoordinated and all struggled to even hit the rim of the goal,” Ruzicka said.

Ruzicka’s comments about the sport’s world reminded me of my sentiments of every aspect of our society – men are privileged to be men and are given special treatment. Ruzicka said her team was treated as less skilled and not taken as serious as the boys basketball team. The guys received a lot more funding and recognition than girl’s sports at her high school.

I for one am proud of Ruzicka for pushing through negative comments and regards to women in sports and doing what she loves. I’ve been a victim of her awesome talent in basketball, and I love her for her strength and courage! #GirlPower

Megan Walker

While I don’t particularly agree that women’ sports should have a separate branch on the ESPN website, I do love scrolling through it t get updates on what our wonderful, powerful, and inspirational women are doing in the sports world. I stumbled upon the next black women I am celebrating through my blog while researching recently. Today, I honor Megan Walker, a high school senior at Monacan High School in Virginia.

Walker, a McDonald’s All-American and the number one player in the ESPNW HoopGurlz Top 100 for the 2017, says that her last wish as a high school basketball player is to capture a third straight Virginia state title in her last state championship game.

As a sophomore, she was named the Class 4A Player of the Year in Virginia and made the Richmond Times Dispatch’s All-Metro team. As a junior, she was named the Gatorade Virginia player of the year and the Times Dispatch’s All-Metro Player of the Year. She also won a gold medal as the captain of Team USA’s U18 squad and added a silver medal for her work in the 3-on-3 competition.

Not only does she have accolades and awards in basketball, she was also named Monacan’s homecoming queen. With her busy schedule looming over her, Walker is still making time to attend her high school prom and graduation.

One thing that inspires me about Walker is that she can play all five positions at the prep level. She has worked hard over these past 4 year stop learn and execute every position, so now she is versatile and flexible in the sport.

I for one am surely motivated by Megan Walker. I am not into sports, but I am inspired to be flexible and versatile in my personal areas of interest; so that I can help others excel and be great just as she has. I am overwhelmed with the amount of #blackgirlmagic Megan Walker has shown the world of women’s basketball in so many different aspects. You go girl!